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Unintended consequences


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I once heard that when you start using that stuff you can't stop because your baldness will return but more than before.


Oh, you can stop alright, but yes it's true, your hair will drop even more. I started thinning in my early twenty's, and the stuff worked but once I stopped it was later days. The only thing it can't do is stop "sexy", as evidenced by my avatar.... Right ladies??.... Helloooo.....

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I've been using it for a month. Hard to say if there's any effect yet, Especially since at the same time I went from using the 1/8" attachment and basically buzzing my head every three days to letting it grow. My biggest problem right now is that the hair (such as it is) is sticking straight out at right angles to whatevever portion of my skull it's growing out of.


It's just about right for me to go rockin' a flat top. Something I've never done.


If it thickens up the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that is the top of my head, then I have no problem using it forever.




Flashback to the summer of '87. The scene, a female co-worker and I sharing a desk, sifting through parts and pieces.


Patty (who stops to scratch her palm): What's it mean when your palm itches?

Me: If it's your left one, it means you've got money coming.

Patty: What's it mean when your right palm itches?

Me: If my right palm itches, it must be time to shave it again.

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