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A very sobering list


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T'weren't mary jane. Back in the '60s and '70s there even were people mainlining - get this - mayonnaise and peanut butter. Peyote. Belladonna. Morning glory seeds.


Peter Coyote, who's still pretty well known as an actor and voice-over guy for stuff like the History Channel, I knew in college. Good picker, by the way. Read his book "Sleeping where I fall." Granted, he's telling some of what happened where I took a whole 'nother direction, but...


In ways I've been accused by some of being far too libertarian in a "social" sense than I should be in terms of folks I know and have worked with quite comfortably. But various chemicals, including alcohol, affect different people differently.


Yeah, I hate to admit it, but in ways some folks may well be better off dead than how they live. That's a value judgment, of course, but I know I couldn't last long in the hell I've seen some folks sorta survive on a downhill slide.



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My uncle broke his foot when he fell off a ladder. He was stoned half to Vermont and wasn't paying attention. On the medical report, it said the cause of the broken foot was "an accident". Go figure.... Glad he didn't kill himself from the "accident" though.

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Peter Coyote, who's still pretty well known as an actor and voice-over guy for stuff like the History Channel, I knew in college.

Very cool! [thumbup]


He does a great job on narration.

I can think of a few times where I saw his name in the closing credits and thought "Oh, yeah..."

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I have known more then a few who have gone down the wrong road...I could have done so myself if it were not for the fear of God...

In the hard rock daze (no pun intended) there were a few members of bands I was in that pushed it as far as they could...one was a fellow named Billy. Nobody knew that he had been addicted to heroin and been in and out of treatment. He was a brilliant player and a good singer, when we first formed the band he was clean..but as we started making money he just came undone...the rest of us knew something stronger than herbal self medication was going on but we were a bit naive, or just to cool to admit it...at one gig after going on a 15 min. break he was late, so we started without him, when he appeared it was obvious he was stoned..but when he passed out during a solo and fell on his face, breaking the headstock off his vintage LP TV Jr...well we knew he was in trouble..

A few weeks later we had another engagement for three weeks at a big club,,he was late again...as in he never showed up...we learned that night he had been shot in the back by a smack dealer after he tried to rip the guy off....

The last time I saw him was at the hospital, they could not remove the bullet because it was lodged between his spine and his heart..

He recovered from the wound but nobody would have anything to do with him...I don't know what ever happened to him...sad..

He was not dumb, he had a degree in English Literature from the Unv. of Kansas. He just had no off button.

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