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Suggestions for replacement tuners for Epi LP Jr.


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I put a set of these on my grandson's Special II....no problems:


I did have to open the peg holes up from 8mm to 10mm.


I filled the old screw holes with matching color crayon wax. I drilled new screw holes by center punching with a needle and then starting the holes with a pin vice.


If you go with tuners where the new screws are in close proximity to the old ones: fill the old holes with tooth picks dipped in Elmer's. Also, allow them to dry before inserting new screws.

If you currently have the tuners that have the 8mm bushings, then those bushings will likely need to be removed.


Just an opening thought.



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Thanks, Willy I have been considering those. I will keep them in mind.

Check post #51 here: http://forum.gibson....ahogany__st__40


And #21 here: http://forum.gibson....ahogany__st__40


GFS tuners are a pretty good value, but as mentioned above you will have to ream out the holes. But that's true for just about any tuner upgrade on a stock Epi Jr.



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