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Getting my custom Huminbird soon!


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Well, Jeremy at Fullers dropped me an email yesterday to say they'd received my custom Hummingbird in from Bozeman and were ready to ship it over to the UK. I then got an email today saying it has actually been sent, I'm so excited!


Must calm down, must calm down.....

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CONGRATS to both of you!! I know exactly how you feel... I received my new Hummingbird TV exactly a week ago. I was suprised -feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. You will absolutely love your guitars once they arrive. I still don't know which I love more - the look, the playability or the way it sounds. Smells pretty good too! Enjoy!

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Whooo hoooo !


Pics and sound clips pleeease ....when it arrives.


btw: in what way is it custom ?


Yes, I'll definitely be posting pics when it arrives.


It's got birdseye maple back and sides, finished in vintage sunburst, with gold tuners.



Won't be long now !


So glad to hear you selected Fuller's to help you with your order.


I've worked with Jeremy on a couple of guitar orders - a top notch customer oriented businessman.


Looking forward to see some pics and your impressions. B)


Well, here are some early pics that Jeremy kindly sent me before shipping to the UK. I'll get some more detailed ones when it arrives.






I'm happy for you :)

I'm having a custom lefty bird made too at Fullers !!!:) (by Ren Ferguson)

And since your from the UK , you might like to know it's gonna be based on the one Liam from oasis played in the songbird video.

the said today they were "Neck Fitting" the guitar.

Cool, great stuff!

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