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Hi Lashurst


This is Carly, she was months away from being a qualified teacher and got her big break on the Rob Brydon show (below). She now is a full time comedienne. I thought of you because 1) she is a musician and sings and plays in here routines and 2) She has a very 'wrong' (but funnymsp_biggrin.gif) sense of humour...that a hem...explores the darker side of family relations



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I know what you mean! While I consider myself a London lad through and through, I definitely feel a pull towards the North; my mum being from Liverpool and much of my family living up North too. I particularly like the Manchester accent and York accents!



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IMO it is interesting how many comedians/ennes are well into music...


From George Formby, Victor Borge, Spike Milligan, Vic'n Bob, Harry Hill, Des O'Connor(lol)


The rhythms and dynamics of good comedy seem to be symphonic in nature


And we seem to be in a golden age of comic talent at the moment


Long may it continue.....





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