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Welcome CS336 and 356 owners and admirers


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Thanks for the compliments. The color was an after thought. I would love the guitar with any color. When you are on stage, the color changes dues to the sun and lights. Also, I noticed the red has faded from wine red to red-orange color.


You have a beautiful guitar. Honor her.

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Thought it was an plot when I searched the entire site for 356 and found no pages at all!


I bought mine in 2003 and got to road test mine and three others that night. I had just gotten my year end bonus and my wife said to go nuts. Did not think they could discontinue them. Damn! Should have bought them all <g>.

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Hey folks,


Nice to find this forum... I just picked up a 356 vintage burst stoptail - I'm lovin it. I took a chane with a dealer on ebay... I do have a question for ya - I noticed that there is no sticker in the body... is this typical with the CS series?

I would suspect a possible counterfeit - but the thing is so well made I can't even let myself think that...


Well - thanks in advance.

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hey clayville' date=' tried clicking the link on 400 examples of what a cs 356 sounds like, but it isnt working. Any ideas?[/quote']


Hmmm... works for me. But every once in a while the site that hosts my audio goes "dark" for a while for site maintenance. Or maybe try this link:



I'm no pro... but at least I usually detail how I got the sound I did, and if you try a few you'll usually run into a lot of variety (amazing how many styles you can apply the same five notes to ](*,) ). Thanks for the interest.

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so Jazz is it as good as you hoped


mine was great out of the box' date=' played great


but in time I will get it "improved" with a proper set up


only minimal changes


no hurry though






It was better than I imagined!


Since I already owned the PJr., the ES 346, I thought there would be little differences in the sound. And if you recall, my sole reason for buying a CS 356 was to be use as an alternative (solution for frequently changing my strings) for blues work. Well to my surprise, I got more than what I expected.


This CS 356 rocks! This guitar feels like it's apart of me. My old ES 335 was a bear to hold and play. In fact, I finally feel good about selling the limited addition, ES 335.


But the real question that was on my mine was would the CS 356 sound better than the ES 346 to the point where I would considered selling it? Flat out answer, no! The CS 356 is better at playing rock and blues, period. The ES 346 is better at playing jazz. It's more mellow. It's heavier and truly a carved maghoney back, solid maple arched top and a joy to play. The CS 356 is not arched top. And the maple top is not as thick as the ES 346. But for what it lacks on the jazz side, it more than makes up for it's short comings on the rock side. This thing growls like a bear!


I'm loving both of them. Each one of them makes me appreciates the other.

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greglawrence - I remember that guitar from the MF catalog. That is one of the reasons I have a CS356... that is a BEAUTIFUL guitar!!! You know, if ya' ever want to sell it... hmmm LOL =D>


Anyway, it is great to run into some other 356 lovers in these parts.


Clayville - I KNEW I'd find you here!


Here's a few pics of my baby. I named her Audrey after my late grandmother. She is one of 40 made for Wildwood Guitars in CO back in 2004 with a honeyburst finish. I got her off of eBay from a fellow Les Paul Forum member. I've bought and sold a lot of guitars over the years but this one will be the one I keep even after ALL of the others are gone (including my Les Paul(s), which is saying something). The Classic 57 pickups have just the right amount of warmth and I can get everything from a "woody" sound (close to an ES335) over the the "growl" of a Les Paul. I can even get an almost Tele-like sound on the bridge pickup if you pick just a little closer to the bridge and set your amp up right. All in all the 356 is just a great guitar and it never fails to get lots of compliments every time I pull her out of the case.









Oh, as somebody else said in an earlier post... if you're looking for one of these beauties then you should really call Bruce at Wildwood. I got a Taylor T5 from him and he was a pleasure to deal with (and they also always seem to get some great looking guitars). Another recommendation is Saul at Centre City Music in San Diego. If you've ever seen Tommy Shaw of Styx playing a blue CS356 then you're looking a guitar that came from Saul.

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