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The GAS just never ends...


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I want one of these so bad... I'm a total sucker for octave effects, especially octave down, and I LOVE the synthy stuff.





Fred, you are going to die. QOTSA, White Stripes, even a little Super Mario. Holy **** man. I need this thing.


Seems like it tracks well and is capable of some glitchy stuff as well as some normal stuff. I am having a huge gear dilemma right now lol.

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I found this today. It's basically an envelope filter with an expression pedal for manual manipulation, but apparently it's really some sort of synth based effect based of an effect Frank Zappa used to use a lot.


That Bit Commander is just crazy. Sounds cool, but I would probably tend to spend more time making noises with it than trying to accomplish something musical.

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Holy crap that's awesome.


I'm already thinking of the things I could accomplish with a Bit Commander...

Yeah it's probly the coolest EQD pedal I've seen.


I know, it doesn't seem like a useless noisemaker pedal at all to me. I feel like I could use it a lot.

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