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where to get custom made Truss Rod covers?


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if you have any trophy companies near by, Im sure they would be able to engrave some words on it.

just bring them the covers you want and tell them what you want written on it and they can do it.


Beast [biggrin]

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This is a deal. This price is less than my cost of buying a genuine Gibson TRC and having it engraved.


What I have done in the past is buy a blank "Gibson" TRC from GC, and then take it to a Trophy or Engraving shop. Many bowling alley pro shops do their own trophy engraving and should also be able to do a TRC. Do to the small size and odd shape of a Gibson TRC, it's hard to clamp in to the engraving machine.


Total cost should run you about $20, $10 for the Gibson TRC, $10 for the engraving.


Good Luck, hope this helps.

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