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I am a new member and wanted to get feedback regarding the practice, small, small gigging amp I purchased. I bought a VHT Special 6 hand wired, combo amp yesterday. My intention is to get a rich tube sound in a small amp, achieving the tone with a lower volume level during practice. I have read a lot about these amps and am eager to get started playing it. I will be playing an Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 Limited Edition (a 2010 Red Wine version) through it, along with my Fender Telecaster (2000 MIM). I play traditional blues music, such as Muddy Waters and Albert King. These VHT's have amazing rich sound, I have heard, for the $199 price tag. Real tube sound with 6 Watts! Anyone else pick one of these up? -- RivieraLEP93

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Welcome to the forum....

Pics are a must......

The amp sounds very interesting.


Although unfamiliar with it, I am interested in purchasing something along that line.

By the sound of your post, you have bought it but, not received it yet?


One of our members, Animalfarm, has started a review list in the Epiphone Lounge.

When you get it....or, if you already have...how about posting a review in the lounge?


A shortcut to your review will be posted on a list for future reference.

Sorry I'm not much help but, it does sound interesting.


Again, Welcome!



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Hi, Thanks for your replies to my thread. I am usually fairly adept at uploading pics and various things such as that. However, I am struggling a bit to do this. In the meantime, out of respect for your meaningful request for picks of the VHT, I will add a link here:


VHT Special 6 Combo Amp


I hope this works properly. Have a feeling the html shows in the writing of the post and then when I post it, it will become a real link, pic, etc. I will get it together, I promise.


In answer to the questions: I don't yet have this amp and I will be very pleased to write a review after it arrives. In the meantime, thanks for the welcome and for the interest!


I added an attachment that has pic, but as I said, I am not sure if my methods are working yet. Thanks for your understanding.

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Congratulations on the amp, I have a friend that has a similar model (Special 6 Ultra) and loves it. If you get a little money ahead, do yourself a favor and look for a few NOS or old production tubes. They'll really open it up. We retubed his and the improvement was surprising. Really nice old black plate 6V6s can be had for $20-25 and there are still some excellent 12AX7s and 5751s to be had for a little less. Newer tubes just aren't the same.

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Thanks for the welcome and I will work on the skills of posting and get it together. I will also enjoy the review writing thing. Sounds like a nice opportunity. I am expecting my Riviera to really warm up on this amp. I usually play it on a Fender Deluxe 90, which is solid state. It has some advantages for performing, but the tube amp is my "thang" now. I have had a Blues Junior and sold it an American Standard Strat to buy a Taylor. Sometimes I regret those moves, but the Taylor is sweet. Nothing like playing my old blues like Call it Stormy Monday and They Sky is Cryin' on my Epiphone Semi-hollow, though. Thanks again!


My Favorite Acoustics I own are my vintage Guild D55 (1976) and National Reso-phonic M-2. Yours?

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