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firebirds what type of music is most often played


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I have a Firebird Studio which I use for rock... A Studio Non-Reverse Firebird on order - which rock as well. Both I am sure can handle other genres. There are the other models as well the V, VII, and the CS Non-Reverse Firebird (which I am sure is a really nice guitar).

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This is the thing about electric guitars particularly


Totally different character between brand and type


The reverse Firebird also has it's own balance and playing stance to set it apart from the mainstream


IMO it sits well amongst a collection rather than being a sole guitar.....





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I would like to know what type of music is the firebirds best suited for.? i really like the stlye of the guitar so i was wondering what is it best suited for , blues. rock ect.


let me know what you guys prefer to play on your firebirds.




Just DO the 'bird!

Like a lot of the guys have said ... it is very versatile and tonally complex. Two factors govern that statement :

1. your own feel and attack

2. your amplification and toys attached.


I got my first FirebirdV in 1976 - that was the bi-centennial re-issue. It became my primary tool over my Strats, Teles and LPs for a number of years. Then, I got another one (FirebirdV) in 2003. It now rotates between open 'G' and 'E' tunings as it is an incredible sliding instrument.

Only real temporary downside is the lousy balance when standing due to weight of banjo tuners and long neck ... I love long necks [tongue] You get over this after a few 4-5 hour gigs or rehearsals.


I never thought I'd enjoy the sounds of ceramic pickups but they do grow on you and are clear, crisp and loud. My old bird had alnicos.

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yea i kind of stuck between a gibson firebird or a american delux strat, or maybe a prs swamp ash special with the 3 small humbucker pickups.


it tought to decide.


My advice is that you really need to play one before you decide. I have a 2003 Custom Shop Non-reversed TV White.




I have about 30 guitars, LP's, semi-hollow Gibsons, Explorer, Strats, etc. and the Firebird is amongst my least favorites. I love the look of it and always wanted one from the time I was a kid in the 70's. I finally bought one without playing it first. What I've discovered is that it is a beautiful and great sounding guitar. Mine has 3 P90's. But I don't enjoy playing it because it is just too big. I'm 5'10", 180 lb and my hands are somewhat small. The case is also huge and I have trouble fitting it into the trunk of my car. It's the same size as my Jazz Bass case. Personally, I think it's a tall man's guitar.


I agree with Bluezguy about it being unbalanced for standing and playing. Maybe I'll take his advice and try mine for open tuning slide.

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Have you ever bought an album that you didn't like at first because it was different from what you expected? But then you listened to it a few times, and it became one of your favorites?

That's the way I grew to love my Gibson Firebird. It's my #1 guitar now.

Bought a 2017 Firebird V sight unseen having never played one. It's the most beautiful guitar I own, hands down, and the stock pickups sound better than my SG, LP,  Strat, and Tele. It's the best of all worlds. 

I wasn't sure if I jived with the body at first, and the original case is ridiculously huge. 

I bought an SKB molded gig bag, which makes it 1000x easier to take to a gig. I thought about selling it a few times, but then I'd play it one last time and would decide hell no I'm not selling it. Now it's my go-to guitar. It fits every genre except maybe jazz and metal.

if you're ever in a situation where you can't decide if you should take a Strat or a Les Paul to a gig, just take a Firebird and you're golden. 

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