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Fun with ebay sellers and snipers...


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Saw a Washburn Dimebag Darrell Signature guitar on ebay and I noticed the seller was only about 20 minutes away from me at a local music store. I had lost a couple of auctions on the exact same guitar so I had a pretty good idea what it was worth and would go for.I go down to the store and offer the guy 200.00 cash plus tax. " Nope, we have to get 400.00 if we sell it outright plus we don't want to get negative feedback on ebay." Huh? Nobody had bid on it. I say "Fine , I'll go bid on it." after assuring him it would never get to 400.00. Hell , a mint one of these that had been played twice and had no signs of wear went for 232.50 , scratched up one went for 117.50. 200.00 was a very fair offer, IMO. Bid started at 150.00 , so I placed my max bid at 200.00. This was last Saturday. Nobody bid on it ( idiot placed it under Washburn Dime instead of the full name so it didn't turn up on search). Yesterday was the last day of the auction . At about the last 15 minutes , I see the bid go up to 155.00,stays there. At one minute to go ,snipe boy returns. He got up to 177.50 before losing and the pinhead at the music store should have taken my offer as he now has to sell it to me for under 200.00 , tax and all.I'm picking it up tomorrow on my way to work. Moral of the story: Cash in hand is worth two bids in the bush!:D

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Quite agree.


I have sold 2 guitars on ebay in UK. Both very successful transactions.


On the last auction, I specified that I may end the auction early as it was for sale elsewhere. I had similarly qualified the first sale as well.


Ebay suspended my auction because such a qualification was against the rules. So I resubmitted and everything went ahead with no hitches.


So, how could your seller have ended the auction even if he did accept your $200 offer in the shop? Are the rules different in the US?


Either way, you've got a good deal and the shop keeper has lost out so well done there.

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I recently saw an antique white Fender Elite vanish mid-auction with several bids on it.... it had the "may sell locally" verbiage... it had "just" been listed, and removed by Ebay, the day before for that very verbiage... and then vanished.


I also saw a "buy it now or best offer" guitar auction end with 11 bids... then get relisted 10 minutes later... wth? Surely one of those 11 offers was the "or best offer"......



I've pretty much lost confidence in Ebay as a musical instrument source. Far too many oddities... and they don't seem to police it much.

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I know some that use their " friends " to bid their items up ' date=' that is why you can look at most buyers % that they buy from

the seller . Some turn that option off . Now with ebay " hiding " bidders names , it is the only way you can see that garbage.



That's always been my big concern about ebay. I use it but I'm very careful on what I do get and I tend to buy things that I can just buy outright. That way I can check the price and see if it is a good deal or not.



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I once bought a pair of Danner boots from a seller in Canada (I live in London UK). These boots were boxed and brand new. Beacuse the seller spelt Danner wrong... no one looked at them. I got them for $40... That included postage to the UK..... These boots are over $200 new...




The seller knew he made a mistake but still honored the sale...






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