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I'm just shameless

James Allen

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For this self promotion.


So, last year I joined my brother's band as a rythm guitar player. We played 2 sold out shows (about 450 per audience), and this year we are booked for 4 shows, 2 of which seat around 700 per venue.


If any of my forum brothers are in or around Cleveland, TN Saturday December 3 or Sunday December 4 and want to check out the show, tickets are on me! Let me know and I'll give additional details. Maybe a jam could ensue . . . ?


website is graceasylum.com. I suggest reading the band members info tab. We don't take ourselves very seriously, as you will see from what we've put in there.


Here is a clip from one of our shows last year. It's us doing Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve Sarajevo. Hope you all enjoy.



Here's one of our originals: It's called Sonata in Fb major.


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