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OK Shredders..Try this!


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Each was stunning - albeit in their own very different ways.


That marvellous level of skill reminds me just how much of a hack I really am! LOL!


Thanks very much for posting, Jaxson. I expect I'll revisit those clips a few times!


OK I heard the first one, fantastic player but my ears are playing tricks on me? I hear a banjo and a piano in parts or is that just my ears and cheap laptop speakers?

I could well be wrong, guitarest - Matt Sear's probably the best person to ask - but I think it's just some of the tonal dynamics she achieves with respect to both where she plucks the strings and where she's fretting. In the first instance the closer the bridge the more 'banjo'-like the tone and the higher up the register/ 'board the more bell-like (piano) the tone.


As I say, this is just my guess. I've never owned a nylon-string guitar and don't know for sure if I'm talking out of my, errmm, bottom! Please don't shoot me if I'm 1,000,000 miles out!



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