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dodgey les paul jr tuner, advise needed please!


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hi, i have owned my 2009 les paul junior from new. somewhere along the way the g machine head has got slightly bent. it is very small and hard to notice, and the casing of the actual tuner looks intact, its just the peg that is bent. however it will NEVER stay in tune! i am wondering if there is some real damage to this tuner? (the tuner says gibson dulux, with vintage button pegs). would it be better to replace the tuner or perhaps invest in a set of locking tuners?

all advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Most Luthiers, or good repair places, will have single replacement tuners,

of the variety you have. No need to buy a whole set. If you're careful,

you can probably bend it back, straight. If, you're not comfortable, with

doing that, have a competent repair person, do it for you...or, just replace

that particular tuner. "Tuning" issues, are (most often) the result of strings

catching/binding in the nut. That same person, can widen the not slot(s),

slightly, to alleviate that problem. Add some "nut sauce" or powdered graphite,

to the slots, and you should notice a real difference. Also, some strings take

longer than other's to stretch to the point they won't go out of tune, every time

you strum or bend a note. But, you've probably already figured that one out? [biggrin]


Good Luck!



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my only problem is that there are no reliable luthiers that i know of around my area... i thought about bending the peg back in place,

but i thought that the reason for poor tuning could possibly be in the cogs. thanks for the idea on the nut sauce, i will definately try that out!

i will probably end up getting a replacement from ebay... but the sellers rip you off when you buy a single tuner! its definately not the strings though,

this has been a consistant problem an i always try to give a new set of strings a good stretch when i put them on.

thanks for the help!

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If the post on the tuner is bent enough that it slightly binds and allows for slack in the gear lash then that is likely the issue. Has the guitar always had tuning issues or did they start only after the tuner got bent?

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