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A good set up is like a finely tuned engine.


My luthier/repairer is incredible and can turn trash into treasure! So a decent Gibson becomes-----a work of art? The Guitar Whisperer!



So one time I asked him if he knew a mechanic 'like him' - and he gave me the phone number of one!

I took the car to meet him, the 'Car Whisperer'! While we met, his hands were already tinkering with my car, and he pointed out a couple of things that the NITWITS at 2 local garages had missed and then he sprayed stuff and fiddled and said I needed this and this and I would be without the car for a week, and I agreed readily. On the way home from this first meeting the car ran like it had not done in years! (And still IS).







My dog still needs the Dog Whisperer....

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