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Help With Champ Amp

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I opened up my Champ today because my new speaker's "out for delivery." It looks pretty clean but some caps look bad. If anybody's familiar with these, if y'all could check the photos and see what you think:



This cap looks funky:



These blue jobs too:





What about this cap? Schematic says 25/25. Part number on cap is same as Fender part number for 22uF 25V caps in Deluxe Reverb reissues and Vibroluxes. 1. Is this cap toasted? 2. Am I safe to assume that I need a 22uF 25V cap?


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Generally the only caps that go bad is the electrolytic capacitor, like the one in the bottom pic - the 22uF 25V. Yours looks like it is only cosmetic damage. The others look like someone was working on the amp and got their soldering iron too close as those usually do not go bad.


If I was going to replace one it would be the 22uF 25V electrolytic capacitor. If it was my amp I would replace it now but then again I build amps for a hobby so I probably have the part laying around or would order it with my next parts order.

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