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Guess what I got

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Just when the new revolutionary iPhone 5 is JUST around the corner! ](*,)


Well, I knew that's where you were headed anyway! Haven't been a Champion Sales Professional for 30 yrs for nuthin you know. Sounds like you're tuned into that scene and you'll love it. Here's what to do to pull things out of the fire!!! You've just got to get the guitar app so you can play the phone now for your "new guitar" and maybe you can get an Orange case for the dang phone & have it all. Guitar & phone that is!


I just got new phones for the office (and it's my personal one too) and they work fine. I like the Military Spec construction and rubber case. Does all that I need, phone calls (But, I hate to talk on crappy sounding digital phone networks, liked analog much better), and Direct Connects to everyone I have in our work force. Oh, I guess the camera will come in handy on job-sites too.


Cost: 99 cents and I have NO CONTRACT. Yeee Haww.





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Well, it's a good working piece for communications. Some of our clients have them and we set them up for the Home Automation Systems that include controlling the whole house Audio & lighting around your home. Also, the security cameras, climate etc. Really nice to be able to control & see your home from away esp. if you're traveling.


Have fun with it. Don't you see the commercials with people all playing instruments (some of them guitars) on phones, touches & iPads? You would have to get the orange case for your total dreams to come true however!! [biggrin]



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