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Never stick a magnet to a guitar pickup!

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Of all the long-dead threads that find life again here, this one was particularly (and unusually) illuminating.  I never knew that guitar pups can have their magnetic polarity changed so easily.  That is something now to definitely keep in mind to ensure that one keeps powerful magnets away from the pickups.  Additionally, with the famous Peter Green Les Paul with the reversed neck pickup (guitar is currently owned by Metallica's Kirk Hammett), this makes me wonder whether there was was any strange magnetic polarity issues at work, whether back when Peter was first mucking about with it or later on ... (?).

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I never new about that either.  But then too, like someone back then asked, WHY would anyone want to stick a magnet to a guitar pick up?  

And I don't know about the flat paneled LED television monitors these days, but found out(thanks to my daughter, who was only three at the time) that placing a magnet on the screen of one of the old cathode ray tubes TVs used to use isn't a good idea either. [wink]


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Degaussing is fun. When I was in the Coast Guard we had the degaussing cables run behind the TV in our lounge on the ship . When we energize the cable when we are underway the TV went crazy.

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