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Iron Maiden's singer was at my work Friday


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When I was at work on Friday, I noticed there were vans parked here with camera equipment being off loaded.

I work at the Boeing Flight simulator campus where pilots get trained.

John Travolta trained here back in 2005 since he owns his own Boeing Jet and parks it at his house.


Iron Maidens lead singers name is Bruce Dickinson, and Boeing also has a 747-8 vice president and chief project engineer with the same name.

The two got together for a photo shoot during the singers training on a 747-8 simulator.


Wish I had known he was here, but I bet it was pretty much kept hush hush.

The sims are right above our lunchroom.


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That's awesome... I've been a Maiden fan since I was a kid... the older kids in my neighborhood got me listening to them. I had the sweetest 3/4 length blue sleeved shirt back in the day. It had some bloody looking dude on it and said purgatory... oh how my mom loved that shirt. She eventually made it disappear... Anyhow, that's cool... nobody that exciting comes to my work.

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There are a couple of documentaries about the band touring around the world in "Ed Force One." One is from 2008; the other is from 2011, and both are great if one is interested in the logistics of such undertakings. They're both on YouTube in full if anyone is interested:


Flight 666- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6VzJ9FvS9Q


Behind the Beast-

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