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Two simple tunes for open mic nights?


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Three simple songs I just tried -


Don't Leave Me On My Own (with my D18) http://soundcloud.com/sal-from-chatham/dont-leave-me-on-my-own


Please Be With Me (with my J45) http://soundcloud.com/sal-from-chatham/please-be-with-me


Beg Steal or Borrow (D18) http://soundcloud.com/sal-from-chatham/beg-steal-or-borrow


They are not perfect, but then again that is standard I shan't attain; I like one take and out. My goal is to put together a nice sounding set for me to feel very at home with to do spur of the moment mic nights.


I love criticism, so anything I can do to improve feel free to tell me, and thanks up front for that!

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Wow. Nice. Not much to improve, there. I think those will do just fine. Maybe, in the recording department, if you could put the mic up a little higher(& closer?), the vocals would get out a little more forward in the mix. Really nailed the Clapton tune (by Scott Boyer).


Thanks for sharing.

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From what I heard of just the second piece (I'm still at work), it sounded fine but the intro was a little weak on the beat... But apparently you're doing the same I do, using the computer recording to get feedback for your own practice. In my case, at times I wanna consider a heart attack 'cuz it doesn't sound like what I thought I'd played. <sigh.


Just don't forget that when you're on stage, you're an entertainer, not a singer, not a guitar player.



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Thanks guys. I'll try the mic higher next time! Appreciate the comments folks. I feel bad using you guys, but I am trying to try stuff out here with the the thought that it's better to bomb here than in front of folks in my town... And anything I can do to get cleaner or better I am up for; I love the critiques.

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As previously stated...the entertainment factor is extra icing [thumbup]


Engage with the MC at open mics and they will support you well(so important to feel welcome there)


Think up song background and history...


Practice speaking intros at home and with friends


Smile through any mistakes(perfectionism holds back many wannabe performers)...few, if any will notice anyway...


Perhaps include a comedy song for laughs... [thumbup]


Some open mic events are better than others...research and find the good ones...





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