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Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold U.K.


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Hi folks


I went to the 'Wings and Wheels' air and motor show day here in the U.K., last Sunday in August. Here are some of the best pictures I took - not necessarily the best cars or planes but... take a look at these babies!


Brutally efficient-looking gull-wing Merc;




Lovely Jaguar, think it's a D-type but not the original metal body;




Lola T-70, what a machine...and check the Hoosier tyres on the adjacent one;




The legendary Ford GT40, one of 5 and that blue is the color! Those are production Aston Martins behind.




A real AC Cobra, absolutely genuine, spanking and still a supreme sports car;




A few aircraft...only a few as they wouldn't keep still!

'The Few', in fact to us in the U.K.

The Battle of Britain flight;




I got a shaky hand-held 8-min home movie (it's all Panasonic Lumix) of the Avro Vulcan which I won't upload and a few minutes of a terrific formation display by a Spitfire and a Mustang. This was a highlight, what flying! They were really 'on it', so much so that I just stopped filming to watch and took a couple of stills as they landed. There was an awful lot more too. A great day out.




And this is 'Ferocious Frankie';





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