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Best Worst Guitar


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My ol' Framus 6 string acoustic is a total tone dog. It'd almost make a better paddle than guitar. But it's my oldest, at 40 years, and the one I played when courting Gramma, so it's place in the family is cemented. If I tried to get rid of it I believe Gramma would walk out on me.

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My '91 American Tele was the bomb. Swear to God. I was playin' with a Country Rock/Motown/Blues band and we were King for awhile.


And so it goes.


My wife found a 1933 Gibson Mandolin at Gruhns, and we bought it. I'd played Gibbys most of my life, until about a decade ago.


Scotty Stoneman, Donna Stoneman, my past, Orville, ect. Things change and I went back to Gibson.


So my best worst guitar is a '91 Tele.



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