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New cab day!


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Always wanted a Marshall 4x12 but it is absolute overkill for what I do.


So, I ran into this 1965a 4x10 in great condition and just had to have it. It is a late 1980's model.


It is only 24"x24" and easy to carry. I am going to get a small Marshall head for it. I'll have to research which one but ideally a JMP1.


I just ran my modded Epiphone Valve Junior head through it and that thing came to life.


I should have taken a pic of the inside while I had it open.



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Yea I will probably do that since they can be had for a good price used.


My only concern with the class 5 is that I have a Mesa 5:25 head with EL84s that covers a lot of classic sounds.


I meant to say JCM1 in my post. I like the high gain on those but they are so pricey.

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Damned, you are going to get me in trouble.


That higher gain JCM style is what I am looking for, my Mesa 5:25 really covers a lot of ground and having a master allows me to play at very low volumes all the way to 30 watts but it does not do high gain at least not without a pedal.


I will have to think about how to avoid getting killed by my wife. Money is not a problem, having too much sh!t is.

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That is a sick rig dude. Bet the R8 sounds awesome through it!


It is killing me but I have not plugged it in yet, I have my daughter since my wife is working and can't crank it up much or play much.


I chose to plug in the Explorer first since it has that 500T bridge pickup, it is instant 80's sound with that combination.


The amp actually sounded too harsh the first time I played through it, the second time sounded much better, I guess it needed to warm up. This little thing is fun.


I will have the opportunity to crank it later and this time I will warm it up plenty before I do.

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And this completes the rig...this head is an 80's time machine, I had forgotten how it is to play with higher gain and how much I have to adjust my aggressive picking attack.










Ha!!! I received the same head yesterday!!!

It' simply amazing. One watt of terror!!!

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I dig that the Marshall has no reverb or extra crap like that.


Got any delay pedals or anything that does stereo? You could set up an awesome stereo rig between that and your Mesa.


Btw gettin a little off topic but the 5:25 is definitely my favorite Mesa I've tried. I think it cops some excellent Beatles esque crunch

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I actually have a Marshall Echohead, nice pedal that covers my needs and it does have a stereo output, although I think one of them is a "spill"


My Mesa 5:25 is a jewel, especially paired with the 3/4 cab and C90 speaker rather than a Celestion V30. super versatile amp that does it all well, except high gain of course.


Going back to the JCM1, I played with it at the 0.1w setting with my 13-month old daughter sleeping in the next room and she did did not wake up. Perfect volume with a lot of tone.


I also noticed that the bridge pickup in my Explorer was too high, I dialed it in and got a smother sound right away. The plugged my R8 and it does sound pretty sweet.

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