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Tremolo or Frequensator?


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I was a little leary of the frequensator trap on the Zephyr I bought recently. Although I think they look cool, I had heard that you could be limited on the string sets that would fit, since the D tring has such a long way to go. So far, (fingers crossed) I 've been lucky. I'm on my third set (experimenting) and no problems yet. I rarely, if ever, use a trem tail. I like the looks of a Bigsby or a Maestro. I just don't think I'd use it enough to justify the cost.

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You could always order one with a trem and mod it later with a frequensator. I modded a Sheraton II with a frequensator and mini-hunbuckerss and it was pretty cool. I now have a Riviera with mini's and a frequensator.


I haven't had any issues with strings and I use a number of different brands but I do prefer Elixir gauage 10 :-)

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I am leaning towards the Frequensator.

I do love that look. (Thanks Jeff)


I know what you mean Clark, the tremolo does have a coolness with a vintage vibe.

I found a local dealer that can order both.


Bummed that Guitar Center and Musicians Friend are not carrying them.

They have 18 months same as cash financing right now.

That would be around $45 a month.

Would have bought two and settled the problem.


Will let you know which one.



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