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Does anyone here use the Gibson stock plastic pins?


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I have plastic. There was a fellow on a forum, I think it is Harmony-Central, and he did what seemed to be a quite thorough experiment, and I recall that the consensus was that it doesn't make any difference for the sound. A fuzzy recollection that maybe plastic was even better.



I Googled that and here is the link. It's an interesting discussion.


Interesting to me is that plastic stock pins were preferred by many.


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I have a similar view as Jazzman Jeff re: the limitations of the 12 string. Since the impact of bridge pins

on sound quality is of no small consequence, I've dialed in the sound of the '68 Yamaha Red Label Nippon Gakki-11:


Martin Plastic= Rounded, but righteous.

Gibson Plastic= Well-rounded, but more fun.

Broken Golf tee(s)= Soft.

Stick= Softer.

Rolled up matchbook= Any port in a storm.

; ).


Hehe 62burst, here's what I got, , , , for you -



Spaghetti = rather flourish

Grandma's tooth = real vintage

Doggy's tooth = barking raw

Pipe-cleaner = wooly yet steely

Nail = right on the spot

Mikado stick = slightly oriental flavoured (and difficult to move)


2013 lies open - as said, it's all yours. . .






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