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Eagles songs????


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What about the Eagles? Uggghhhh…


To me, the Eagles are like week old bread: yeah it’s edible, but not like when it was fresh out of the oven.


They had some great songs! Really! Well, more like this:

Great on the 1st listen.

Good on the 25th listen.

Ok on the 48th listen.

Kinda annoying on the 67th listen.

Fingernails on the chalk board on the 98th listen.

FM radio probably ruined this band by playing them ad naseum and giving them huge egos. They have got to be the poster children for the Sell Out Boomers. They reunited with dudes they can’t stand for a big paycheck (and big it was: Hell Freezes Over broke the 100$ per ticket barrier that ruined the concert going experience for kids and made it the elitist juggernaut it is today). Clearly it is not about the music anymore. Teaming up with Walmart to sell a crappy CD (that sounds like “A Nashville parody of the Eagles”, to quote Don Felder)?


Really? Don: I thought you had principals? Remember Walden Woods?


Ugghhhh…. You want country rock? Check out Drive By Truckers, Old 97’s, Whiskeytown, Uncle Tupelo, Gillian Welch, Neko Case, …

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You want country rock? Check out Drive By Truckers' date=' Old 97’s, Whiskeytown, Uncle Tupelo, Gillian Welch, Neko Case, …



Good stuff all around there, Anthony, though I have never been into Tweedy's stuff all that much. Just personal taste. But yes, good latter day country rock stuff there, and I have quite a bit of their music. Check out Ryan Bingham.


I still like the early Eagles stuff, too. Classic stuff. Not as good as some of the originators though. Check out Buck Owens, Dylan, ISB, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, The Dillards, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Michael Nesmith, The Stone Poneys, and Poco. And other stuff by a few others, plus spinoffs from some of these folks. Lordy, I love that music. Hell, give me some Hank, Sr., Woody, and Chuck Berry, too.

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I love this version. Some great guitar playing all round.






OWF here's some tab which I think is reasonably close. I tend to refer to tab to answer "how did he do that?" type questions and then fill in myself - usually cheating of course but what the hell! You can never realy on tab to be accurate. If it is then you're lucky.


I've really enjoyed picking out a few of the riffs on this version - particularly Don Felder's intro on the classical guitar - but I've never tried to conquer the whole song.


I never ever get bored playing the 12 string part, much to my family's annoyance.

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Albertjohn.......I'm like you.....I like to get the general "structure" of the song.....but then make it my own......The Eagles songs are usually a little HIGH for my voice, so in order to NOT get a hernia.....I need to transpose down a little....lol....or I could REALLY hurt myself.....thanks for the tab

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Assuming you play "Take It Easy" in G, how many of you leave out the single bar of A-min in there? (and play C-maj instead.) I was once in a band in which not one other guy could nail that A-min hook. Very disheartening.

Reminds me for some reason of that ukelele crooner who had the monster hit cover of "Over the Rainbow" but reduced that beautiful Harold Arlen classic to just three chords.

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Guest NattyBumppo
I like their older stuff' date=' especially Doolin-Dalton and the Reprise. Outlaw Man. On The Border. Good muzak.[/quote']


Doolin-Dalton and On the Border are definetely two of my fav Eagles tunes of all time!

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Hang on!


Did he say Gillian Welch?


Anyone heard from GG?


About 6 months ago, my wife and I saw Welch at an old theatre from the 1920s in Atlanta. She and Rawlings were wonderful. The sound of her Gibson was awesome in that place, which holds about 4500. She was opening for Bright Eyes (?), which sounded good for the few songs we were able to listened to. We both agreed Welch was probably the best concert of that type we'd ever heard. Go if you can.


If she doesn't release a new studio CD soon, a live set would be great.

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