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Tomastic Infeld Strings..?

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Anyone of you guys ever use these strings..if yes,on what guitar and what did you think?

Not talkin about price, cause there seems to be a real additional quality to em...but sound & feel compared to others.

Im gonna try some on my Martin after using the Elixer pb .053-.012 on it...and will try the Nickel maybe as well


Also where is the most decent online place to get strings at least cost?

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I have a set of Thomastik flatwounds on one of my archtops, put 'em on last year. IMO they are definitely better than the D'Addario ones...and a tad more expensive but worth it so far. Very good strings indeed.

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Yep, tried the Spectrums. They have a great feel and real quality tone, warm and ready from the start. I really liked them, except for me they went dead super fast. The low E and A strings started sounding like spaghetting after a week. But I know others get long life from them. Definitely worth a try.

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Have used the Spectrum's here on a hummer, and other various longscale dreads. My take - expensive with orange sticky-out ends and bottom ball ends. Tone wise - you know when you have your favourite strings have just lost their 'zingyness' but are are not quite dead yet? Well there like that from the get go and seem to stay that way for a longer period than say unwound silk inlay strings...

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Spectrums or Plectrums...?


Don't want anything stiffer than the Nano .012-053 Elixers...what guage would you recommend?




Must say I like the coated strings for they're "slippery feel" but same effect I yhink is gettable on strings what use a smaller bronze top winding.

Im not sure I can afford to put such expensive strings on my acoustics but if they last as long as Elixers maybe on one or two.

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