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  1. In Topic:ES-336 1996

    Yesterday, 11:56 AM

    Interesting guitar - I didn't realize that they made 336s back in 1996, although it changed quite a bit in 2001 with the addition of the center block carved into the back/sides mahogany and some top bracing. The body shape also changed with the upper bout being smaller now, and no belly carve. In 2001 they designated them as CS336 where previously they were known as ES336.

    One of the few Gibsons I've seen with that headstock and the straight string pull, Schaller tuners, belly carve, and rear access panel on a semi-hollow. Also the headstock break angle looks to be less than the usual Gibson 17 degrees, and with that straight string pull it should stay in tune really well.

    Don't worry about the orange label, most ES guitars have them, some don't as long as the serial number works out (it should start with a 6) you're fine.

    Not sure it will increase in value, but it should hold it's own. It is the first year of the ES336 and has unique features. Enjoy
  2. In Topic:Johnny A Signature Custom

    Yesterday, 11:33 AM

    View Postclayville, on 09 November 2017 - 09:22 AM, said:

    Just FYI: There are construction and scale-length differences too. The Johnny A is more hollow inside than the 336/356 with less 'center block' area left integral with the back wood, and I believe the Johnny A routing leaves the inside-back flat whereas on the 336/356 the inside/back routing is dished like the back itself. And the Johhny A uses a longer, "Fender" 25.5" scale length than the usual Gibson 24.75 scale length.

    Missed the fact that they are the longer scale. That would be a deal breaker for me. [thumbdn]
  3. In Topic:Les Paul Sully Irna

    Yesterday, 11:15 AM

    I don't know anything about the Sully model with a phaser, but I have a few LPs with push/pulls on the tone control and whether they are up or down, they still control the tone. It would seem something is not right with yours if there is no tone control ever on the pickup who's tone control activates the phaser.

    But again, I know nothing about this particular model. [crying]
  4. In Topic:New Les Paul Standard issues

    Yesterday, 10:47 AM

    Congrats on the new axe - it looks great in the photo. [thumbup]

    Now that you got the pick-up height adjusted on the neck pup and are happier with the tone, try one more thing before abandoning the Burstbuckers. I've had several Gibsons over the years and most had '57 Classic pups which are great and had the tone I was used to. I got a 2017 Standard with Burstbuckers and it really seemed hot and bright to me. I made a few adjustments as you have, but it still seemed a little brittle sounding. Then one day I just turned the treble down on my amplifier 1 notch and found the sweet spot. Now I love the sound of that Standard, partly because it's different than my other Gibsons with '57 Classics, but it can still be very creamy and warm sounding and at the same time a little clearer.

    It's hard to describe tones in words, and we each hear them differently, but my point is keep working with the Burstbuckers, give them a little more time, you may come to love them.
  5. In Topic:NBD: 2018 SG Std. Bass.

    16 November 2017 - 02:08 PM

    Sweet. I thought the red was quite a looker, but the Walnut is really tremendous. Glad that they sound good too, enjoy them. [thumbup] [thumbup]


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