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  1. In Topic:Forget your Rosewood guitars... here's a Wood Rose guitar!

    Today, 06:13 PM

    I might bid on it if he will throw in the Spider Man suit. Wouldn't want anyone to recognize me playing that thing. [scared]
  2. In Topic:NGD Gibson 2014 Trini Lopez ES-335 Reissue!

    Today, 04:27 PM

    With that in-line headstock does it stay in tune better than a lot of Gibsons?

    Also, can it play "If I Had A Hammer" all by itself? [tongue]
  3. In Topic:Crafting stone picks

    Today, 03:31 PM

    Nice workmanship. Are they slippery or hard to hold onto?

    Sort of gives new meaning to "rock" music [biggrin]
  4. In Topic:2013 LP Burstbucker Pro

    Yesterday, 06:57 PM

    Keep working on your amp settings before you change out pickups. I started another thread a little while ago entitled "Found the Sweet Spot". I was describing the same sort of shrill/harsh sound. But I found by turning the treble on my amp down just one notch it was almost cured. Then last night I was experimenting and my amp has a 1/2 power switch to reduce headroom and break up more at lower volume. That seemed to tame the burstbucker a little bit as well.

    I always liked the two guitar set up with a LP and a Strat because of the different textures and tones. If you are stepping on each other, that is a problem. My amp also has a "warm" control, that cuts the highs (sort of the opposite of turning up the presence)and I usually only use it when I want that sort of muffled jazz tone - but I might try that too.

    It's good to know that the burstbuckers are capable of raging screaming high end, but controlling it seems to be quite the journey.
  5. In Topic:2017 Faded T

    Yesterday, 06:30 PM

    Now we're talking - sweet looking faded (even if photo isn't real accurate). [thumbup]

    Enjoy and play that thing like you stole it!!


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