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  1. I re-loaded my regular spool, not sure what happened or what I did wrong, but it didn't end well. Chewed it up pretty bad and I lost the retainer nut (bumper knob). Tossed it in the trash and bought one like you pictured. I have the three plastic blades on mine and it works well. I switched over to the line (as you have pictured) and I can't seem to get it to rev up enough to use those strings as effectively as they should be used. I've been fiddling with the carburetor but haven't quite got it. But yeah, simple and effective.
  2. Round pointed shovels sound better.* *I don't really believe that; just pointing out that anyone will argue about anything on the internet with absolutely nothing to gain or prove.
  3. I wish I had a dollar for every time a parent said, "I just want something for my kid to learn on. Doesn't have to be anything special, just something for him/her to beat on until they get good at it." I felt like replying, "well then their first pair of shoes can be complete pieces of _____ until the learn how to walk! They don't need to fit or even match. Just a cheap pair of shoes until they learn how to walk. And then when you buy them a bicycle, make sure you get them one with bent handlebars and loose spokes, and leaky tires......just something until the learn how to ride." Back when I was in charge of repairing 900+ violins, violas, cellos and basses, I made sure they were easy to play. If the kid is going to walk away from this instrument, it's not going to be because it hurt their fingers. And I can relate to the trumpet story. When I was 6 I got my brother's hand me down Kay acoustic. It was impossible to play. High action and medium gauge Black Diamonds. Give that to six year old! We've all read stories about famous players who started off with a Stella with strings made out of screen door wire. Makes for a good story, and good on them for overcoming it. In the same breath, makes me wonder how many potentially great players gave up (as kids) because their instrument was trash. Somewhere along the line we established a standard that great players started off with cigar box guitars with one string made from the intestines of a cat they killed by biting their throat at the age of three, and we're supposed to feel guilty if we didn't. I say if you can afford it and it makes you happy, then you don't need to justify anything. I have motorcycle torment at the moment and excessive guilt. I have a 2000 Sportster wit 8400 miles. I ride it about 50 miles a year. I have the chance to get a blue and white 1974 FLH (like an Electra Glide sorta) with 8800 original miles. I want it. But I feel guilty because I don't ride much. I mentioned it to my wife this morning and got a look that said, "but you don't even ride the one you already have!" I need to listen to my own advice. But I won't.
  4. In my pea brain, there's a certain pride of ownership that goes with some guitars and you won't be able to sway me with utility value. Someday I will own a pre-1970 J200 from Kalamazoo because in my youth, that was one of the ultimate guitars. Doesn't matter that Bozeman's stuff is probably better...I have 2 J200s from Bozeman. They're not old Kalamazoos. I won't be happy until I have one. I probably won't be happy then either. But the Bucket List ya know.... Having said that, one of my favorite acoustics is a plywood 1988 3/4 or 7/8 classical from Brazil. Paid $10 for it. I just received a Hobner archtop made in India. Cheapest made guitar on the planet and weighs nothing at all. I've owned a few. I'm excited to dress the frets etc. They're great for grab n go and have zero snob appeal. I have several banjos. Some nice ones. One of my favorites is a 60s Kay that went to a departments store...didn't even get a headstock decal. I think it was $50 on ebay. And coming full circle, I will own a 60s Jaguar or Jazzmaster. Not a reissue at 30% of the vintage price. It's gotta be the real deal. Street cred. It had to play Hanky Panky when it was on the charts. So I'm all over the place and didn't answer your question.
  5. No worries about grammar. We won’t laugh.
  6. Gibson made a few bolt-ons in the early-mid 80s, so you might expand your search to include Challenger and Invader.
  7. I think that model was made from around 1956 to around 1970. If you tell us the serial number we may be able to help. Sometimes it can be confusing, sometimes it's very clear-cut.
  8. 43 year old stone stock Telecaster (owned since Day One) cord Any amp that powers up. Makes no difference.
  9. I can’t be 100% sure from the pic which yours is, but an L-4C will have a solid spruce top while a 175 has maple plywood.
  10. It’s not a Les Paul. The Les Paul Model is a solid body electric. It is a 1956 ES-225. It is considered a hollow body electric. They used leftover trapeze tailpieces on this model from the very early (1952-ish) Les Pauls. Yours appears to be in amazing condition other than the rotted tuner buttons, which are easily replaced nowadays. The pickguard is not present in the pics, might it be around somewhere?
  11. Forum user Retired contacted me a couple days ago and asked that his account be removed. He wants to spend time doing other things. He wanted me to pass along the sentiment that he wishes everyone well, and has made many friendships while he was a member here. I don't have the power to delete anyone's account, so I gave him 30 days "off".... it looks like a ban, but that's not it's intent. He can come back after 30 days and pick up where he left off, if that is his choice, and he can also contact me at any time and I will lift the ban. Just wanted you guys to know.
  12. I clicked on one. It would appear there are many videos embedded in the site. I did not click on any of the videos, as I suspect they are likely links to a page where you can enter your credit card info, and not the videos themselves. There’s zillions of free stuff out there, no need to get plastic involved.
  13. You guys would not believe how many porn posts I've killed off in the past few days. Thanks to the efforts of the IT folks at Gibson, anyone who posts for the first time HAS to have that post approved by a mod. Best thing they ever did, IMO. Funny thing is that (seemingly) all of these "members" who are posting porn links joined in 2019. It's like they registered a bunch of accounts and then decided today to use them. Once I click "flag as spammer", their attempted post goes away and their account is killed off. I haven't checked any of the links, might be good stuff, I don't know. I'll let you know.
  14. I deleted the pics out of those particular posts. See if your numbers have changed.
  15. I think I deleted a couple pics. See if there's any difference in your storage space. If not, I'll pose a question to the IT people.
  16. If you like, post a link to one or more of the posts that contain pics you want deleted. I can take a look, no idea if I will have any more control than you. I’ll give it a shot though.
  17. I’m doing this on my phone so it may look a little different on a computer. At the top of this screen there is a blue-gray band with icons. At the far right there are three lines. Click there. Then click on “account” and “my attachments”. You will then need to click on each POST (not pic) and edit/delete some of your photos. There may be an easier and quicker way to do it but this will work.
  18. For the most part, regular tremolo arms are either standard or metric. I'm betting this is metric. Should be easy enough to find on ebay.
  19. They've got several self adhesive dots, like peel n stick.
  20. I think they were shipped with no guard and the owner had the choice of adding it or not. I have a couple.
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