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  1. I've got a '58 C-6 and a '61 C-2 and neither has the name on the headstock. I've seen plenty of C-0s with the decal but I don't know if there is a hard and fast rule and/or dateline.
  2. There are good replacement tuners out there that are likely to fit with no (or almost no) modification. Put a new set on, save the junked ones, put a new set of strings on it and play it. It’ll outlast you, trust me. And good cases abound. Gibson has made 16” archtops since the Dead Sea only had a bad cough. Tons of cases out there and the simplest google search would be “es-175 case”, as that’s how most case sellers market them.
  3. Gibsons were usually made in lots of 40. The first set of numbers is the Factory Order Number and the penciled number is the sequential number. It was #20 of that batch.
  4. Looks like a wartime L-50 to me, simply because of the lack of truss rod. Typically they had a wooden cross bar on the tailpiece but that might have been replaced.
  5. It should be on back of the headstock. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were no label inside, but it’s gotta be on the headstock....
  6. Yes. Trust me, there is only one ksdaddy!
  7. Classical strings don’t reach their tone potential for a while. It will sound better each day.
  8. In 1985 I got my first Les Paul, a wine red 1980 Standard. It was in excellent condition but the finish on the back of the neck was worn through in a “predictable” pattern. It was almost like they had clearcoated it and THEN applied the red.
  9. I'm not a pianist. I sit down to a keyboard and muddle through a handful of chords with one hand and try to connect them with a single note run with the other. I don't read music, never taken lessons, and likely never will. I do enjoy having keyboards around, and true to my nature that is evident in stringed instruments, I have no aversion to dragging more home. I had a 1920 Mendellsohn upright piano given to me in 2012. It was more or less in the way downstairs so I gave it away in 2018. No regrets about that act, as it went to a young teenage girl who fell immediately in love with it. Old pianos are offered to me on a regular basis, so I will have another. Taking it down cellar will be a challenge. But we did it once, we can do it again. I've got a few cheesy keyboards, including a 90s Yamaha, a 90s Casio, and a 1983 Lowery Micro Genie (hardcore cheese right there, complete with puffy silver case that looks like a bowling bag). Last year I did buy a Casio digital piano, which is pretty amazing. It "sorta" feels like a real piano; it's close anyway. And I can move it easily and don't have to tune it, so there's that. A couple days ago I was given a 1967 Hammond J-110, a very basic transistorized organ in tuxedo black, and pristine other than some hardcore oxidation in the key mechanisms. My observation is this: Over the years, I have owned many OTHER keyboards and organs. If I go to a group or forum connected with a certain brand or style of keyboard, the reaction is guaranteed to be exactly the same: How much did they pay you to take it away? You need to haul it to the dump. Pee-yoooo, what's that stink? That model was a POS from Day One and you need to run. Every. Single. Time. It matters not what I buy or LOOK at. I found two old pianos (not free) that were CLEARLY upscale and very expensive units from 1900-1920. These were not junk. I googled them and they were held in high regard by the industry when they were made. But you can already guess the reaction from the piano forums. "Stay away from these old pianos unless you're willing to pay a piano technician a hundred dollars to go to the person's house and assess it, give you a 4 page report with an estimate of what it will take to be on par with Liberace's piano." I 'get' the idea that old pianos can sometimes be a money pit, but according to them, any piano I've stumbled upon is, by default, pure junk because it doesn't say Steinway. What kind of standard are these people using? It would be like us saying the Les Paul Custom is "okay" and the Standard is alright if you are so poor that you are resorting to eating the family pet, and if someone offered you a Studio, you should call the police. Melody Makers are not guitars. They are ad hoc weapons or firewood. Do we do that? Please tell me we don't. I have the view that, even though there is a pecking order in instruments' values and desirability, it would make me a pretty crappy human being if someone came on this board and was happy about buying a used First Act and I told them what a piece of junk it is. I would HOPE I would be more likely to offer little tidbits on how to make the most out of what they bought, as to setup or small improvements they might make. Rule #1, make music with what you have on hand.
  10. Hotter now than in the 80s. She has a 'beat up 50s Telecaster' appeal now.
  11. It’s a hard pill to swallow when (some) people say to go heavy. Really? You think I should make my guitar more difficult to play so I can get a tiny bit more volume? Funny thing about that. The 12s felt weak, the 13s felt much stiffer with no appreciable increase in volume, but the 14s....wow. (I hate that word wow but here we are). They maybe felt stiff but at the same time felt “right”. And it’s not so much pure volume as it is sustain. I’m sure I could “dig in” and get a crapton of volume, but I was looking more for the tone, vibe, feel.....they’re just “right” for this one.
  12. I was willing to keep on driving it but I was advised that it might not be a good idea to be driving a car that has been deemed “totaled”. At least from a legal standpoint. If I got into another accident driving THIS one, the lawyers would have a feeding frenzy.
  13. ksdaddy


    I think the Recording has a built in adaptor for low impedance. If there’s a switch for hi/lo, there’s your answer. The Personal (gold hardware) and Professional (Nickel or Chrome hardware) both required the adaptor cord. One of the Personals I owned, I mounted the adaptor inside the control cavity so I could use a regular cord.
  14. In January 2019 I bought a 1947 L-5. No idea what it had for strings. I tried a few different strings with boring results. I tried a few different brands of 12s and 13s. It was okay but lackluster. Today I put on a set of 14-59 D’Addario PB. My lord, it’s not the same guitar. I mean it just woke up! Not just a minor change. It explodes now. I need to clarify, I’m not a caveman with strings. I use what works best on the guitar, regardless if it’s 9s, 10s, whatever works best on the guitar. I don’t default to “heavier is better” but lord almighty, this guitar is alive now. Super responsive and sustains all day.
  15. 118 in Maine but 74 in the Portland area alone. None in Aroostook County where I live. But we're shut down like many other areas/states. And so be it.
  16. Yeah, whiteout. I slowed down, a lot. Maybe barely moving. The Lincoln Navigator behind me didn't see me. Technically it was "their fault" but in that spot, on that day, there was NO seeing what was in front of you. Which is exactly why I slowed down in the first place. I was trying to avoid hitting something that may or may not have been in front of me. I bought that 2010 Impala 5 years ago this month, 107,000 miles, $6000. I beat the snot out of it. It now has 190,000 miles and there were no signs of aging. It was the best car I've ever owned, and I've owned many. The silver 2016 is the last of the 'old style' Impalas and only has 32,000 miles. My round trip to work is only 24 miles now, instead of the 110 before, so this Impala will likely last me a long time.
  17. That was easy! (assuming you can see it) That's my new used 2016 Impala that replaced THIS one:
  18. Oh I’m definitely on Facebook lol.
  19. I used Photobucket for years, and then they got weird so I switched to Tinypic. Then THEY went completely bat ____, and Photobucket started charging. I’d like to find a basic hosting service. Not crazy amounts of storage, just somewhere to upload pics to be used on forums. I wouldn’t mind paying for it if it meant no pop ups while I was using it. Suggestions?
  20. Surely you’re not sniffing glue.
  21. If everyone had just continued buying household products as they did before the panic, the shelves would still be full. People are in a different state of mind now. People are hoarding. We didn't hoard. Maybe we did come home with an extra 12 pack of tp, but I would scarcely consider that panic mode. We don't have a ton of food stocked up, but I'm not really seeing anything bad at the stores other than bread/tp/Ramen/pasta stuff being bare. I did buy a bag of bread flour and some yeast, and may try making a couple loaves at some point, but to be honest, most of the time bread turns blue at my house before it's used up. Maybe it will get worse before it gets better, but I doubt we're going to starve. As to tp....come on, people. I have running water and plenty of washcloths. I'm betting you're okay too. I'm a federal employee, and different agencies are handling it differently. Mine is currently: front doors are locked. One person per agency at any given time. We rotate with whatever schedule works for all of us. Some of us are set up to telework, but there are other problems with that...we're upgrading much of our computing systems and most of the time the stuff doesn't work (nothing to do with the virus btw). I will telework quite a bit but I may take annual leave here and there. I usually end up needing to take half of December off rather than lose it. This too shall pass, and we will be bruised but wiser.
  22. Saturday we were in a whiteout and got rear ended. Totaled my Impala. This morning my Jack Russell Terrier (Dobby) passed away. I suspect I will get Coronavirus within the next couple days.
  23. I deleted one post that was political. Thread will stay up otherwise.
  24. That sunburst definitely looks early 60s to me. Tuners are incorrect for a mid 50s. Intriguing! And that label looks like something left over from an L-5 or L-7 in the 40s. I hope you find a FON starting with an X or a W!
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