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  1. Next time I go for a visit I'll get a couple of pics. I'm not sure about the saddle, I will check it out. My dad had a couple of pins put in to keep the bridge down. It probably needs a neck reset, but we both have "better" Gibsons around to put the money into fixing it. It still gets played a little bit but what makes it cool is it was my grandfathers.
  2. Oh I forgot to mention, my original intent was to mention that the one I speak of is marked as a "2nd".
  3. My father has my grandfather's square southern jumbo. I think he told me it is a 63, but I questioned him because I didn't think they were square in 63. It is not in great shape and the bridge is lifting, but it does sound good. If it wasn't a little beat up, it would look just like seventies-fan's in the OP. I'm jealous because his probably sounds and looks good. Enjoy it.
  4. Both sound great to me. I see the pick guard made its way to the 45. It looks good.
  5. These cans are defective! This reply is mostly to see if I also have all access, but it was also my favorite line in the movie.
  6. That's a good looking blonde!
  7. Off topic, but the MF price is less for the SJ?
  8. Great job and great tribute to a great song writer and musician. So many of his songs are great in their simplicity and sound so good with only an acoustic guitar. Even the ones that had the whole band playing are fun to do on an acoustic.
  9. Very cool. The CF is one in the line that I have never seen "in the wild". Enjoy!
  10. I never enlarged the hole itself, but made the slit in the material right above the hole longer. That made the hole able to stretch further and fit around the end pin of the pick up. I suppose, if there is no slit to make longer then you could just add the slit.
  11. I had to double check and make sure this wasn't an old thread from a couple of years ago. Sal, I say this time you keep the 28, or history is gonna repeat itself next year. Get the bird, or better yet a vintage like you had(or else you might just end up chasing that one that got away). Have them all instead of just rotating them out, and I will live vicariously through you.
  12. I use Martin Lifespan lights on my slopes. When I got my 200 I thaught the same thing about oomph,so I gave the mediums a try. I didn't notice much difference in tone or volume so I just use the lights. Don't be afraid to give them a try and see how you like them, it is a cheap and easy experiment.
  13. Other than acoustic guitars, the other things I prize as collectibles are similarly simple items. Nothing I have is worth much but I like Zippo lighters and safety razors.
  14. I have had a set of Martin Retros on my J45 standard for about a year. They just seem to match very well with the 45 and last a long time. Given that they are not expensive, they are definitely worth a try. If you don't like them, take them off.
  15. I can never remember if it was Beat it or Bad, but Eddie Van Halen played the lead on one of those. That AJ sounded pretty good, even though it was processed quite a bit.
  16. Every time that I think I know which Beatles album is my favorite, I hear a different one and have to change my mind. I go back and forth between Rubber Soul and Revolver all the time, then I remember how great Pepper is. That's usually when I remember how much I love the White Album, then I go listen to it and declare it the greatest of all time...then Abbey Road crosses my mind...
  17. Man, that guy could sing. And yes, one of the voices of my generation. It seems that he fell on a lot of black days. Those words seemed to come from a dark place, and for him it was very real.
  18. You should be able to lower the action a little bit by sanding down the saddle. I don't think I would touch the truss rod, unless it is obvious that it needs it.If you are worried about buzz, take it to a tec. It won't cost much. If you get the saddle lowered a little, I doubt it will lose much volume. If you want to quite it down, try a thinner pick. The J 35 has that advanced bracing that leaves the lower bout open more than a standard X brace, so they have that added volume, or at least different volume. My J 35's action is a little high also, but it isn't high enough that I have bothered to change it. These are great guitars! Enjoy it. If you do lower the saddle and don't like it, you can always change it back.
  19. I don't clip them on the headstock even when I am tuning. I clip it on my strap. If I don't have the strap on then I use a snark that has a mic function on it, or a different tuner.
  20. I always thaught the J 15's I had a chance to play reminded me of maple. Not exactly, but it was the closest thing to compare them to. Is this sort of what you can see in the chart? I don't know, but it is what my ears told me.
  21. I guess there is more than one kind of Gibson Hummingbird. The shoulders look round on this one.
  22. I really like my Epiphone Masterbilt. It is a very nice guitar, however it is not in the same league as my J 35. I don't think they are as close to each other as some others have found them to be. I would say that the Gibson is very much noticbly better than an Epiphone Masterbilt.
  23. I've been looking for a nice set of big fork and spoon to put on the wall in my kitchen. Maple is nice but a little on the bright side. Rosewood lacks the nice mid range that I really like. So mahogany might be the right choice. I would like the chance to try them before I buy them though, unless you have a liberal return policy, can you make sure to distribute them to several stores in my area so I can try out as many as possible to make sure before I commit to a pair that I have found the right one?
  24. I think both were great, but the J 45 edged out the bird. You did it the right way and got both! Are you gonna keep them both, or are you looking to keep the one you like best?
  25. Sounds like what almost happened at the Dew Drop Inn!
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