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Prototype Acoustic Guitar Synthesizer


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Though it looks a bit like the baby Alien that sticks to your face in the movie, but I imagine the undersaddle pickups started the same way - perhaps one day it will be shrunk to u/s pickup size/addition?



Current look, it isn't going on my Gibsons, but my beater Gibsung Humsung Hummingbird copy would be a willing donor organ.......





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It is pretty cool. It seems like a spin off of the Ebow but for each string.




I always wanted to get one to play around with but that is probably all I would ever do with it. I guess I prefer the sound of a well broke in acoustic more. If I want to make those kinds of sounds I will plug my Fender Strat into my Art 2000 Express and start piling on effects.


Still it is a pretty cool invention.

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