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Gary Moore and Eric Bell


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Nice clip. I hadn't seen that before.


Thanks for posting!




I was looking up 'missing' guitarists (the likes of Danny Kirwan and Jeremy Spencer etc) on wiki a few years ago and was surprised to read that, contrary to what I believed, Eric Bell never disappeared from the music scene.


FWIW here's his wiki entry - notice that he was brought in to play guitar for Noel Redding's new band which he formed after Jimi died!





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Take THAT Shmetallica, you copy cats !!!


OMG Ian...Thank you, that brought tears to my eyes!


Once, at McGuires Irish Pub in P'cola Fla, the house band was asking for audience help w/that song.....I was the only one there that had it memorized word for word.


ahhh for the old days,



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