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STOP! Don't Replace Those Stock Epi P90s


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Okay, So I have heard people grip about the stock Casino P90s sounding muddy for rhythm work and I too have delt with this. I have considered some after market pickups myself, until... I replaced the ceramic magnet 12" speaker that someone had put in my '60s Ampeg Reverberocket.


I knew the speaker had been replaced at some point years ago and I wanted to put a Celestion Alnico Blue in it, but @ $250+, it was one of those things that just never rose to the top of my priority list.


The Celestion Blue was originally a radio speaker from the '50s that Vox put into AC30s and they became a legend. There are a lot of vintage alnico radio speakers out there (Heppner, Cleveland, Rola and of course Jensen to name a few). They can be picked up on Ebay for ~$50, but I was set on the Celestion. Then I came across a Magnavox Golden Voice alnico "12 that I picked up for under $20. For that price, I had to try it out.


Well, bottom line... AMAZING!


The highs are sweet and chimey and never get brittle like the ceramic speaker did. The bottom end is tight and clean with absolutely no muddiness!


The combination of Casino, old hand wired tube amp and alnico speaker is a match made in heaven.


These old speakers are only rated at 15 watts (like the old amps) so don't try this with a 100 watt 112 combo, but if you have a low watt amp and want a MASSIVE sound upgrade for cheap, what are you waiting for? Get one now before the word gets out!

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If you want basically the same speaker as a Celestian Blue, look for an Oxford 12KR5. I talked to a well-known speaker rebuilder in the area and these are about as close to the Blue as you can get, spec-wise, but available at half the price. I got a rebuilt, warrantied Oxford for $85. These things work great in any Vox-like situation and even Fender used them for a while, when they were feeling the heat from the British stuff. I have one in a vintage Vox Ac-4 amp, that I split from a combo into a piggy back amp. My Casino loves this amp. I agree that the amp used for Epi P-90s can make or break to tone you get from them. But then, I think that the amp you use is as important as the guitar, pickup, whatever. Good on you for stepping outside the box and trying something that isn't the norm. Pretty hard to beat those old speakers.

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i thought it was required to play p-90 through vintage tube amps with alnicos!


currently running mine through 2 all original electronics/speakers, unrestored early 1960s silvertone amps


a 1481 and a 1483






love the sounds!


Those are cool amps. I used to have this one until I sold it a few years ago. It was all original too.



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I disliked the overwound stock P90's on my 2003 MIK Casino even when played through vintage amps with alnico speakers. I had mine rewound and am very glad I did, but certainly many players are pleased with the originals. I don't recall seeing any posts from members here who have regretted either swapping out their original MIK Casino P90's for quality replacements or having the stock ones rewound, but I haven't read EVERY post!

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