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J35 Again

Andy Trickett

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Get the stand up bass and cajon!


You have very very serious skills. I love the tune, the picking, the vibe, and make no mistake... I don't ever think I've ever heard a guitar that screamed "Gibson Acoustic" like this one is... Thump, Growl, Slap, Twang Thump Growl. Oooooomph. Boom



By the way are you also playing on the Cherie Amor track? Talk about contrast!

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Aww thanks Guys! [rolleyes]


I am caffeine intolerant so just red bush tea or even better Old Speckled hen Ale!!!


Yes on the sound cloud link I have a pretty version of a Stevie Wonder song all done on the J35 - she is called Lizzy Mae


The thing is I have just realised that all my uploads are covers of someone called Stevie....


I got really annoyed when I read a post saying that Gibson acoustics were just good for strumming!! This is total rubbing, my J35 might not be the most expensive Gibson in the world, but she is the prettiest and as far as I am concerned sounds the best.


Be Cool



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