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Gibson SJTV vs Martin 000-18


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SJ sounds better to my ears. Martin sounds good just listen to the first note of each and the last strum of each SJ WINS!

I still like my Martin but I love all my Gibby's and my SJ. Is special,too

Nice pick'en Sal

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Quick little comparison between my Gibson and the new Martin 000-18 - the redesigned one.



Whatcha think? https://soundcloud.c...s-martin-000-18


Not even close. Slope-shouldered mahogany Gibsons manage, IMO, to achieve a balance even OMs and 000s don't get. The smaller guitars get the bass to treble balance right, but the mids fall back. If you don't mind working your arm around that big bottom, a good slope is even a better finger picker. And with more headroom, better projection, and the ability to take a pick when you want to use one.



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