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How many of you hound dogs are left handed???


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Population studies show consistently 10% of folks are lefties. I think there are only a few in our forum?? Can you guys come out of the woodwork and identify yourselves??? Amazingly, I'm almost certain that guitar manufacturer's don't dedicate 10% of their inventory to left handed guitars???!!!

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I throw left handed. When I started to write as a kid I started with the left hand, but my father and the school teacher "fixed" me to write with the right hand.

I kick balls with the left foot.

I can play tennis with both hands.

I play guitar with the right hand.

When started to learn (and I remember that) never had the desire to play lefty.

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I write & throw left handed,

but play guitar right handed.

In addition to my post above:

>Kick with the left foot.

>Shoot baskets right handed.

>Use utensils right handed.

>Like Mr Gibbs, they tried to change my writing as a kid, but I'm a lefty.

>And like Mr Gibbs, the guitar naturally went to the right from day one.


The variations in this thread are very interesting!


If I played lefty, I'd probably buy right handed guitars & do McCartney conversions.

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I'm complidextrous.


Write left, fork left, knife right ... throw a baseball/softball right, throw a football left. Kick left or right.


Guitar right - I never even considered a lefty guitar. It just wouldn't feel right :)

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Firmly left handed in everything except guitar playing (and the trumpet years ago).


The friend who was teaching me the basics on guitar (it was my teen years) recommended that I learn to play right-handed. I didn't give it much thought, as I had played a "right handed" trumpet (I never heard of a left-handed one), and just ran with that. IMO, both hands are doing unnatural motions, so while left-handed guitars are ok, I think that maybe it doesn't make a big difference which way one starts to learn to play. Lots of instruments only come one way (pianos, etc) and actually guitars are probably the instrument with one of the greatest incidence of left-handed models.


Not slagging on playing left handed, though, please don't take it that way. Maybe it does make a difference for some people, although there is really no way to test the proposition, other than having the same person learn it both ways?

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