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ES Dot 335 Pro


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I'm jealous!


Congrats on a real beauty. Hope it plays as good as it looks.



Hey Willy how are you doing ? I have played it for two nights after work and i like it a lot . The new Pro pickups are great .I cant believe all that guitar for 399.00
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157686048.jpgThat looks beautiful. I hope you'll post some more pics...please

I've never seen the DOT in that finish. Love that fretboard too.

I don't know how you landed that..no one has them:

Yes i will put some more up . I got it at Zzounds waited a long time for it to come in .
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Oh! Because that's not a Dot. It's an ES-335 Pro. Same shape. Same price. Different fret markers (not "dots"). Still, all in all, an excellent choice!

its called a Es Dot 335 .on the body sticker
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