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Model Number "Decoder"


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So I have been looking at a les Paul for an unbelievable price which of course raises red flags,  however the only eye test it doesn't pass is that the serial number suggest 2006 model with a batch number of 0 but here's the thing it is known that batch numbers change after product number 699 this serial number 017160746 would suggest a product number beyond 699 with batch number not rolling to 1 after 699 is there a scenario where this is possible or does this in fact prove it to be counterfeit 

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29 minutes ago, merciful-evans said:

only if you put new stickers on an older case.

I think you should have period correct stickers to aid identification

Its all kinds of stickers. Micro-breweries, rock bands, string manufacturer's, and dumb stuff I thought was interesting.

Any help would be appreciated. 

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I see that there are also experts here who could help me. I bought a Gibson Flying with model number: DSV18ACNH1 (it's hard to read but I think it's the letters and numbers I listed).

Thanks for your help


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