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P90 Hum?


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They do hum as all single coil pickups do. How much depends on many other things such as the amount of gain you use, how close you stand to your amp, what kind of lighting is used in the room you're playing in... So many things can change the amount of hum.

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Personal opinion is that 'P90 hum' is part of the package


There have been many attempts to minimise it for decades


IMO when playing 'in full flight' any hums tend to become unnoticeable


I get a small amount from my ES 330


And do not notice any from a LP Junior


So there you go


Enjoy your day... [biggrin]





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Ha, might be worse than a Strat but definitely not a Tele...lol. All good points above. With single coils your electrical outlet receptacle for sure needs to be properly grounded and for sure they all are not.


Biggest issues with noise are from above with single coils imho, below these type outlets are a major issue and many have been replaced with 3-prong but the wiring is still incorrect, thus the dummy plug below which saves work. Dummy that I am I took a Tele apart three times over a friends till it dawned on me it was the outlet.



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All of my home studio outlets are three prongs 20 Amps. And I still had the "single coil humming" issues.


My problem was created by the light dimmer switches in the room.


I had them in my LP for a short time. Good sounding, just not the type of Fusion sound I was looking for.


Eventually, I ended the experiment and replaced the P90 with Classic 57's and never look back.


Anybody want to buy a pair of brand new P90?



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