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Epi Broadway Elitist on CL


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yea,, That is a beauty.


I think the price hinges on a few factors, 1: the Elitist were all MIJ and they were all made top notch components and outstanding craftsman ship.

These were not mass produced production models like the Broadways MIK. (that said I have an MIK broadway, it's a great guitar, for the price, an outstanding value. I doubt it's as good as the Elitist)


and #2, since they are all now discontinued, it does seem some the Elitist arch-tops (like the Brydlands and Broadways for example) are fetching higher prices than what they were originally purchased for.


I have an Elitist Chet Atkins that I picked up in 2004, back then, I was into it for about $1,500. I could probably sell it for that easy today if not more.

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I really liked my standard laminated MIK Broadway and still do play it a lot but the Elitist is really a whole different animal. It's much closer to (now I'm not saying it IS one) an L5. It's about 1/4" thicker and the solid wood gives a richer tone too. The whole feel of it is quality. Like they were really shooting for an L5 and came damn close in my opinion. Most Gibby L5ers would disagree.

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