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new SG day!


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So I'm excited to say I'm now a proud owner of a 2005 '61 Reissue SG. I was originally looking to get a LP signature t or classic but this beauty fell into my hands and my goodness, it's like the neck was meant for them. The '57 classics have got to be some of the most clear/crisp humbucker out there with still enough balls when overdriven. She's in beautiful condition to with little to no fret wear and just little nick on the top of the body. Oh, I am wondering is this bridge a ABR-1 or a Nashville style bridge? I know 2005 is around the year Gibson switched from the former to the latter. It looks like a nashville style to me but I'm not sure. Thanks guys and glad to be a part of the SG family :)

post-68181-091733700 1419977932_thumb.jpeg





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Congratulations!!! [thumbup][thumbup]


Looks awesome! SG's are great guitars, and since this one felt perfect for you then you did the right thing by snagging it and holding off on the LP.


The studs for the ABR1 go straight into the wood, while the Nashville studs go into inserts/bushings that are set into the wood. The ABR1 bridge is thinner compared to the Nashville bridge.


HNGD!!! [smile]

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