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Hey guys and gals,


First, let me intro myself. Name is Boyd, I am a new/renewbee to the guitar world. Used to play acoustic and rhythm as a kid and young adult, and am picking it up again! Having a fantastic fun time with it. This Christmas, wife got me an Ibanez ac/ele AND (my new fav) and Epi LP100. Finally getting my fingers back in action. Here is my question to those who may have an opinion in the matter;


I find the Epi LP100 to be more than good, I find it a fantastic guitar. I think the looks are very classic, and the sound spot on. Many friends/family are crying Gibson. I dont have experience with the Gibs but they are so much more money. Do any of you think its worth the Oh, what, $800-2000 tag on the gibs, particularly for someone in my position? If not or so, why? I understand and advocate for doing things right the first time, but unless I get VERY proficient, well, you get the idea.


And, does anyone advocate any updates to the Epi versus a new? It has the standard humbuckers.


I am wide open for input. More questions are sure to come.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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There are bad epiphone guitars

There are bad gibson guiars

There are good epiphone guitars

There are good gibson guitars


If your guitar plays well and you like it then don't worry.


To me, there's quite a difference between an LP100 and a lower end Gibson LP. You should try it out and determine if the cost is worth it to you. It was worth it to me as a working musician.

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Hi Boyd...Welcome to the forum.


Your guitar is fine for both rhythm and "lead," work. If you love it, that's what counts!


Gibson's are GREAT guitars, and have a price tag to match. Epi's are wonderful, too...and

are some of the best "bang for the buck" alternatives, to Gibson's much higher priced products.


The only real way to answer, for yourself, the question of needing/wanting a Gibson, vs Epiphone

(or, any other brand) is to try out as many, as you can...side by side, if/when possible, and

you'll "know" when you find "the one!"


The overall quality, of guitars on the market today, is astonishing, in nearly all price ranges!

Especially compared to when I was a "pup!" But really, only YOU can determine what your own

needs, and "wants" are, and if you can justify the expenditure. So, again, I suggest you just

go out and try a bunch, of Epiphone, Gibson, and any other brand you might like. It's the only

real way to know. Gibson and Epi's will sound essentially the same. Fender, Gretsch, Rickenbacker,

all have their own sound, that's generally different, to much different, than Gibson/Epiphone. So

that may be another consideration? But, try 'em all! [thumbup][biggrin]





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The guys pretty well hit it.


You have the advantage of some nice equipment right now. That means no need to rush new purchases as you cruise again on the inland seas. A high-quality trailer sailer works well on inland waters, but one usually prefers something a bit more even on a bay opening to the sea. Same thing with guitars.


Enjoy; play; try many. <grin>


Oh - and consider yourself quite lucky in choice of a spouse!



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Keep playing what you have and grow as a musician

Go to music stores and test out everything that catches your eye.

Research Agile guitars (best bang for the buck).

Keep mental notes on what stirs your GAS.

Research upgrades you could make to your current guitar if you feel very attached to it (it happens often).

Reward yourself for gains in playing skill.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the input. And yes, I find myself very lucky that my wife digs the renewed interest in my playing. VERY LUCKY. As the new year progresses, I am sure to try others. The Gibs seem to be the highlight so will check them out. I dont have the background to know what I am playing is different so much as a 'feel', and I would imagine, its like finding the right girl, you will know it when it happens. But that style seems to be me (I gotta be me... omfg...). Anyhow, thanks for the input!

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Seriously, the older I get the more convinced I am that it's not the guitar we think we want, but the guitar that "fits" our personal body geometry.


I don't like Fenders not because of their looks or their sound, but because they simply don't physically fit me and how I play.


But in the 60s and 70s especially I went through literally dozens of guitars, some I thought I wanted to keep and some simply by intent "upgraded" and sold, that just didn't seem "right."


Some of that was because they really weren't comfortable for what I was playing and some ... I was stupid enough to figure that since they weren't pretty much what was expected in the type of band I was gigging with.


In retrospect... better the guitar that helps me play what I wanna play than the guitar that has any other qualities.


Then again, I'm old and grouchy.



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if you can't play "it" on an Epiphone, you certainly wont be able to play "it" on a Gibson.






You may look "cooler" (to some) playing a Gibson...






but, not to me...msp_thumbup.gif

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We all know Epiphone guitars get msp_unsure.gif , but play a few, same and different models. I did, other brands too. And because of that, I started playing (or attempting to) much more than with other brand guitars. I really don't know why I dig Epiphone guitars over others. It's not like I don't enjoy playing other brand guitars, I do. But, for some reason, Epiphone guitars make me want to plunk away, always....odd ? Well, for me, not really. Try a few. Then play a few other brands, or more "expensive" instruments. Maybe you'll enjoy the "better" guitars better. I didn't....That's why I stay (mostly) with them. I like to show off my "better" guitars, but the ones I actually pick up, 99% of the time, are the Epiphone's. The "feel", sound (yes, I leave everything stock), and the "value" to me, well, I'm happy. Fine instruments don't just happeneusa_naughty.gifeusa_think.gifeusa_snooty.gif...eusa_boohoo.gifmsp_love.gifcool.gifsmile.gif

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Welcome to the Forum, Boyd!

Allow me to chime in with a short story. It actually has to do with acoustic guitars, but it applies here as well, I think.

She who must be obeyed went with me to the music store and told me she did not care how much money I spent, she wanted me to have "the" guitar that I wanted. Nice lady, huh? That's why I keep her!

I wanted a Taylor acoustic guitar, because I was playing mostly acoustic back then. I played every Taylor in the store, after all, I did not have to worry about the cost. I kept coming back to a lowly 310CE. It is only one step up, or was then, from the bottom. However, that guitar sounded the best to my ears, and felt the best to my hands. I bought that guitar. I had approval to spend $5k or more, and I actually spent less than $1500.

It isn't the name on the headstock, or on the label inside that matters. It is how your hands and your ears react to a guitar.

Good luck with your quest.

By the way, I play solos and rhythm on every guitar in my harem!

Play well, Sir!


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Actually my wife doesn't "mind" if I get another guitar - it's more that she has a valid point of wondering where the deuce I'd put another one. I'm currently down to four Epis. Two acoustic, two electric.


I agree entirely with Crust - it's the feel of a guitar. I'm also less of a "tone nut" than some in that I've only replaced pups in the days in the late '60s, early '70s when I was taking beaters somebody had screwed up and turning them into playable instruments.


Besides, an electric or AE guitar is half the sound - the other half is the amp or PA one is playing through. So... if the pups work, you can do quite well enough.



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I've often thought a Fender Telecaster would be a nice rhythm guitar.


Epi's are cool - if it works well and is good to play then why change (who cares what others think - if they want you to have a Gibson so much, let them offer to buy you one [biggrin] ) - enjoy!

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