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Colin Hay Performing 'Land Down Under'


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His voice is still superb!


I was very fond of Men At Work during my high-school years when they were hitting it big!


Very fun and catchy music! Great memories and it's good to see these guys still doing so well!

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Quite nice, Ian. I find that threads, like music, will go, wherever they will go. [thumbup]


And thank you, by the by, for adding fuel to the furnace of my 335 GAS! [drool]

You really should have one, there great. I was lucky enough to get to play one of the Warren Haynes signature 335's last year, and but for the fact that I like my own, I'd have been GASing for one of those, it was probably the best 335 I've played.



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Thanks for the clips, chaps.

Like many others have mentioned I, too, have very fond memories of both 'Buisness as Usual' and those times back in the early '80s.


I still have the album somewhere so I'm off to dig it out and give it a spin for old times' sakes.





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