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if you get a chance,you should watch this is a film about his last tour and his Alzheimer's.

You can see the change in his memory and being able to function on his own now, from the start of the show through the end.

Very informative, but also sad to watch.

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Glenn Cambell was a big influence to me when I was a kid.


his playing and some of the guests he'd have and play with would mesmerize me on Sunday nights.


and about his current condition,, It's a story I know the ending to.


My Dad went the same path. It's a horrible disease. just gotta pray for his family, that they can see this through, it's heartbreaking.. it really is.

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I am sure a lot of you have heard of this, but now his wife of 32 years is in a battle with some of his children from his other wife over the control of his money and the care he is getting .

He is now in a care center full time due to the Alzheimer's.

When my Dad passed away in 1968 my Mom was in a battle of her own with my Dads family.

We lived in Ca. and his family in Texas did some of the most heartless things imaginable to have my Dads body shipped back to Texas.

This is after my Mom and Dad had lived in Ca for close to 30 years.

So unfortunately I know how families can change during sickness and after death.

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