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Ray Wylie modified Dwight Yokam


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I think that's not a Dwight Yoakom model (I don't see the dice)

Looks to me like a J160e




I watched again. You are right - no dice. Has the old mid fifties large pick guard, ands some sort of pickup mounted down near the bridge. Curiously has the control knobs mounted too. Could be a 160 thats been modified.

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I've gotten to see him live twice. Once just as a solo and once in a trio with his son on electric guitar and a young fella on drums. Both great shows. That night he played a "Frankenstein" Gibson he has described on his FB page as a "58 southern jumbo with a 1949 j45 neck that tony nobles did the work on".


Here is his full description of his guitars in 2013:


"i play a 1943 gibson southern jumbo reissue or 58 southern jumbo with a 1949 j45 neck that tony nobles did the work on.

for open d or g i use a 62 j45 i got from charlies guitar in dallas. clay gave me a hell of a deal on cause it was beat up and gnarly but hey so am i.

i have tony put dearmonds on all my guitars behind the soundhole which i run into a tuner into a sexdrive into either a 63 fender super for big shows or a magnatone twilighter or now a magnatone lyric.

i also have a k&k acoustic pickup in the jumbos that i run into a tuner into a redeye direct box into a schertier acoustic amp with a 10'' speaker.

i run them both at the same time so i get a warm non quacky sound with the k&k and a nasty half assed gritty lightnin hopkins tone with the dearmond.


i highly recommend the redeye. i have used demeter tube preamps and love them but the redeye in my old wore out ears opinion beats 'em.

seems every cool guitar player i liked in austin was using the alan durham sexdrive pedal so i got one and i just leave it on as it takes out the harshness of the b string. lucas got two of 'em, leaves one on and then pops on the other for a boost.


lets see..i think thats it."


Maybe he further modified the Frankenstein guitar or he has added a J160E to his stable.

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