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Special Order Hummingbird question


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I've been thinking about special-ordering a Hummingbird acoustic-electric in a emerald green color, but want to know where the area of price would be. Just a standard Hummingbird in an emerald green finish, maybe with VOS finish as well, as my experience with Gibsons is the annoying stick neck syndrome.


Just curious is all, if I went ahead with it I would get her from Wildwood, seeing as they're just a few miles from where I live.

Also, it's either this or a 1960 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with the true historic specs and VOS aging, as well as custom wiring (super indecisive but I have the price area for the black beauty, just wanna know how much a Hummingbird would be)

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All right, here I go again. Story time.


When I was first learning to play, I needed a decent guitar. We went to the local shop, and back then in 1999, everything was RETAIL PRICE. (We didn't know you could haggle, and we didn't know much about internet shopping... ha.) No Gibsons either. I wanted a Martin, or a Gibson.


But what I spotted...


...was a dark, emerald green Guild guitar, like a D25 or something (spruce/mahogany with arched back--pretty sure). Anyway, it blew me away, but whatever the retail price was at that time scared us silly.


I remember being so annoyed and moping and just being pissy in general and looking at Fenders instead. Eventually I ended up paying $700 for a Guild acoustic/electric. Sad irony is that the Guild D25 I really wanted probably wasn't selling "street price" for much more than that, not to mention I'm sure there were probably Martins and Gibsons within the same range I could have gotten.


Anyway, moral of the story is actually that I've always wanted a green guitar ever since, so it would fill me with great joy to look upon an emerald green Hummingbird. (Tried to get Martin to do me a green guitar once, but they wouldn't.)


Hope Gibson will do it for you, but I don't think they do customs anymore unless you're a STARRRR BABY. Ren would have had it otherwise.

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From everything I've read and heard - DuluthDan is right - Gibson stopped taking 'one-off" special orders a few years ago. Now, a "Custom" is one which is a run of 50 or so, ordered by a 5 star dealer. So, you'd have to get at least 49 other people to pony up around $4K each, or see if you could order all 50 with hopes of selling 49. If lucky, on St. Patrick's Day, you might find a couple of folks willing to pay more than you did and make a profit.

Of course, you would have to reconcile the green finish with the brownish translucent pickguard in order to get investors. G'Luck!

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Really ?

Takes all sorts I guess !! :)


A hummingbogie




This is actually pretty close, but I mean a solid emerald green, like a dark smooth green. Not a burst.


I actually have seen the mint/lime green one at Wildwood, while yes it is green, it's not my type and frankly I don't like that color haha.


I guess I can see what will happen, I know Wildwood told me they could do my Les Paul Custom with true historic specs and such. Maybe I'll ask them if they're able to do a Hummingbird too?


(also, the reason why I want a Hummingbird is because not only is it my favorite acoustic besides a Martin D35, but my grandmother had one that was stolen from her in the early 70s, she got this guitar from a musician down in New Mexico. He gave a J-45 to my Aunt and the Hummingbird to my grandma. Both guitars were stolen when they moved from Farmington NM to Colorado. So it's kind of a cool story and I'd love to play one for her)

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Yeah, you need a Hummingbird for sure. Those memories are powerful. My dad had a '70s Gibson of some sort (figure either a J-50 or J-55).


Totally forgot about that one at Wildwood. That one shocked me when I saw it. While I would want a burst I think, I agree that mint/lime is not the thing for me... big difference. :)

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