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More aftermarket parts


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I have been browsing Philadelphia Luthier's site and found some parts I remember some of You were looking after. Like chrome P-90s covers:






They even have gold-plated version of it. Both in dog-ear version too.


Black PAF covers:






Cheers... Bence

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Talking about aftermarket parts I remembered this:




Landed on that site the other day and was surprised to see some very funky Gibson (original?) parts I had never seen before.


Could come handy for european forum members.


And that black hardware would look awesome on an SG with Toni Iommi pickups.

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Only turned into the right direction, and some other factors are important too.

Only original gibson plastics do the trick.

Use 7ender knobs and only twangy sounds will come out your amp!

I guess the stock witchhat knobs on some SGs of mine are casting a certain spell on tone. [rolleyes] A rather sophisticated design feature I don't dare to replace. [scared]


Seriously, they are very convenient in use, but in case of push/pull pots I prefer speed knobs and replaced everything else with some. B)

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