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We saw Norman Blake at the Boxcar Pinion festival last night. I got to talk to him for a minute after the show -- it was 10 years ago when I had last talked to him when we traded guitars at his home. He was vague on who I was as first, but then he recalled every detail of the guitars he traded to us [biggrin] He was playing one of his late 20s Nick Lucas guitars.






Time to pick,



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For those like me who love Norman Blake, here's a trip down memory lane from 35 years ago. You might sell your soul to be able to flatpick like this.


Even if this isn't your type of music, just watching his right hand and left hand at work will mesmerize you.


Not to mention that mind-blowing early 1930's slope-shoulder 12-fret slot-head D-28. Now there's a guitar that will get your attention.



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I posted this in another thread before. These are a must-see for Norman Blake fans. There are a number of other clips from the same concert that have been posted by the same person:


These really take me back, I saw him and Nancy perform in a small coffee house in upstate NY that same year (1979) and it was a very memorable experience. :)

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