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See where the money is being wasted


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Thanks Rudy' date=' I wish I hadn't seen that, now I'm really pissed.


Thanks for the change![/quote']



You aint seen nothing yet.



The Amero.

Cashless society.

Peace in Israel.

The mark of the beast.


And Homz will become a conservative Republican talkshow host for Fox News.

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dude, hasnt anyone realized the importance of doorknobs? They are a wonderous device, triggiring a call to action of delight, although sometimes delayed to an annoying extent because someone was in the restroom or someone didnt want to talk or someone wasnt in the mood. yes, the doorknob opens up a world of opertunity, in which you stick your jack links into a heated bagel. Yes and then winter comes and it snows.



Does anyone catch that this is a metaphor?

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Part of the bill introduced in the senate by a Representative from California wants Health Insurance for All Children Born in the United States After 2009. I just read this ridiculous part five minutes ago and I'm still fuming.

First we have to fix the 14th Amendment so that every child born in the US isn't automatically a citizen. Because if my parents are illegal aliens from Mars, then I'm an American Citizen.

And it goes on and on and on.

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lol...I love it when people make a site that gets so many folks' panties in a knot. If you're concerned, talk to your congressperson(s), but tell 'em to hurry the hell up, time's not on our side and we need something done soon!




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