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Along the way I've planted about 100 fruit trees and shrubs!


We don't get any fruits because the birds descend in their hundreds and eat the bloody lot!


Netting hasn't worked as small birds still get in and cockies just rip the nets and can clean you out of almost ripe apples in an hour. Worst part if they only eat the seeds and leave the rest on the ground!


I though I had planted enough so that the birds would get some and so would we....not so by a long shot~



Over the last couple of years I haven't fed the fruit trees nor pruned as I don't get the fruit anyway, now the trees are 7 or 8 feet to high too net. Macadamias, almonds apricots are all gone...already, and much of it when the fruit was forming, not even close to ripe.



We have had a wet year and out of the blue have more fruit coming on than we can ever remember!


I have 8 apple trees, all of them groaning! Branches touching the ground laden with fruit. I eat one or two apples every day and the varieties I'm growing are my favourites naturally!


I've decided to try and save some by cutting up nets @ $30 each and trying to protect the fruit a branch at a time. It's a slow job cutting sleeves from the nets and weaving them together using tie wire.


After all this effort I hope I get some???



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You're a tryer Digger. I'll bet the birds see you and think 'who's this messing with our apples?'


Cant you use some of those for apple pie/sauce etc. while you can?


Meanwhile, 4 is better than none.

Thanks ME but we still have 3 or 4 months until they are ripe enough to eat. You never know if I cover as many as I can then I might get 5 this year~

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Too bad you couldn't put a plastic wall around it all, like a greenery to keep birds and rodents away. Here is a funny story, when we had our 3 apple trees way back by the street my wife's step dad had his eye on this one apple for a long time. One day he came over and it was the most perfect ripe apple on the trees. So he picked it and we all went in the back yard and were talking while he shined this apple on his shirt for over 15 minutes. He had it shinning and our old Doberman, Bandit was watching and drooling the whole time. Finally Marvin was swinging his arms this way and that not paying attention to where our Doberman was. Bandit came up behind him and snatched that apple from his hand and had it gone before Marvin could say his name. We just all laughed our butts off as everyone but Marvin could see that Bandit wanted that apple more then he! Lol

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